Annual Members’ Assembly

ELC Annual Members Assembly – Motion carried!

The Annual Members’ Assembly of the European Lipoprotein Club is held in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting in Tutzing, Germany in the beginning of September.

ELC Annual Member’s Assembly 2023

Date: Wednesday September 13, 2023
Time: 15:00-16:00
Venue: Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, Germany

Membership and governance of the European Lipoprotein Club

The European Lipoprotein Club is based on individual membership. Scientists and students residing in Europe or neighbouring countries, who are engaged in activities in line with the objectives stipulated in Article 2 in the statutes of ELC, may apply to attend the scientific meeting to present their work. Every participant at the annual meeting becomes a member of the Club.

ELC’s governing body is the Organising Committee. Membership of the Organising Committee is based on ballot elections held at the annual meeting. Every participant in the scientific meeting, including committee members have one vote at the ballot. The Organising Committee proposes 1 – 4 candidates for election. The committee should strive towards diversity of scientific competence among its members and consideration should also be made on grounds of geographic representation within Europe.

ELC is run according to the ELC statutes, which were approved at the General Assembly of the European Lipoprotein Club’s 39th Scientific Meeting, Tutzing, Germany, September 2016.

Meeting minutes

Here are the meeting minutes from the ELC Members’ Assembly since it was registered as a non-profit organisation in Sweden in December 2015: